Neverending was the first song I ever wrote for Jen. We had only been dating for a month at the time, but I think we both already knew that we were in love.

Shortly after completing the sequencing and lyrics to Neverending and Visualize, I brought Jen over to my apartment; and I sang both songs to her while she sat on my bed.

I'll never forget that moment for as long as I live.
The memory of that night is Neverending.

Breye K. / Provision

-Synths and Drum Machines Used on Neverending-
Alesis SR16, Korg Monopoly, Roland D-50, Minimoog, Casio CZ-101,
Arp Solina, Yamaha SY85, Yamaha Cs1x, Access Virus KC



Staring into one another’s eyes, we bleed into eternity.
We know this is real, no giving into the fear.
The only three words on our mind, are only spoken in silence.
And now you’re feeling me inside of you.
Your touch is sweeter than heaven. This total feeling of ecstasy. There’s no denying what you've done to me.

Neverending. Love. Neverending. Promises.
Neverending. Trust. Always remembering.
Our love is neverending.

All the perfect things I wanted in a lover, I have found in you.
Resistance to the fact I’m falling further than I’ve ever been before,
will only fade into oblivion. I’m overcome with sensuality.
Hearing your voice on the line, wanting your lips against mine.
A future with you in my life, holds countless possibilities.


from Visualize (Limited Edition), released September 3, 2004
Musik & Lyrics 9-5/6-02 *For Jen*
By: Breye Kiser for Provision Musik

Recorded and Produced at Red Square Digital
by Breye Kiser & Carlos Covarrubias.
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.



all rights reserved


Provision Houston, Texas

Provision is an Electronic Duo, from Houston, Texas.

In drawing comparisons to Code 64, Red Flag, Seabound, Camouflage, Imperative Reaction, Anything Box, Information Society, & New Order, just to name a few; Breye 7x began using the term “Darkpop” to describe Provision’s unique style of Edgy Synthpop, Futurepop, Synthwave, and Electronic Dance.

Provision is Breye ‘7x’ Kiser & Ian Sol Kiser.
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