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Paradigm Shift

by Provision

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Into The Fray 126 bpm Drifting towards reality. Watching clouds rain down disease. Tonight I find myself. Sifting through your imagery. Drowned in separation. Every thought lost in translation. I’ve now become your prey. Entangle me into the fray. Moving towards our destiny. Watching oceans start to bleed. Tonight I find myself. Sifting through your imagery. Like all things that fade away. So many words I’ve yet to say. Like all things not meant to be. It’s our future I can’t see. We’ve reached the threshold. And now there’s no letting go.
Waiting 05:11
Waiting 120 bpm That distant fire. Still burns within. My memory. To feel you panic. A pain so instant. Throughout the skin. To fear this instance. Without resistance. Become my sin. The fear in your eyes. Someone was waiting. It has begun. Your time has come. I will be waiting. This faded youth, the night sky still, echoes my suffering.
Love Like Machinery 130 bpm You don't know it, but I own you. I control you. Every movement, is my design. Every thought you save for me. When I speak. A love like machinery. You are silent. Each word spoken, is my belief. Your heart beats. Your soul bleeds. Your cry is but a whisper. Frozen in a silent scream.
I Lose Myself 126 bpm I can't believe all the time, I wasted feeling denied. I know there is something more. With deep emotional ties, I'm feeling something inside. The love I've been searching for. When complications arise, you’re always here by my side. I open myself to you. You're own compassion and faith, beautiful words that you say. Keep me warm when I'm feeling blue. You take my hands, and look into my eyes. The world revolves around us, when I lose myself in you. I touch your skin, then I realize. There's no one else but you. You’ll never have to stray, this love I’ll never betray. My Heart is in your Hands. It isn’t hard to believe, that you’ve become all I need. In time you’ll understand. When life is feeling too cold, you touch my body and soul. The pain disappears from my life. You’re unlike anyone else, I have you all to myself, I know it’s true love this time.
I Thought You Knew 140 bpm I’ve seen it in your hands. Felt it in your stare. Heard it in your cries. This time, I’ll help you understand. My soul is bare. I’m willing to believe. This time it’s real. I’ll wait for you. I thought you knew. The way I feel. The more scared you are. The faster your heart beats. Not knowing when you’d fall. You intoxicate my thoughts. I can sense your fear. I wish you were near.
Broken 04:52
Broken 115 bpm These images, you manipulate. Words I can’t believe. In a hopeless dream. I cannot stop what you create. The smile, I will force again. Promises you will break. Tears I cry for you. The fear, I anticipate. You tear my heart out when you smile. A broken heart, is hard to heal. We’re torn apart by jealousy. You’ll always be, a part of me. You leave me broken.
Paradigm Shift 125 bpm Are you thinking heaven sent you? You’re completely out of place. You thought that this would last forever. Take a look at where you are now. X marks the space. I trace the line. And the space between. Another shifting paradigm. Between you and me. I’ll never let you in again. I cannot even dignify. The things you say. I’ll just look right through you. And I’ll turn. I’ll turn and walk away.
Crossline 05:39
Crossline 140 bpm In looking back, I should have known. There’s no use in pretending. Cause in your eyes you’d shown. A reflection of the ending. You threw my love to the ground Like all the ones before. I thought somehow that maybe I deserved a little more. After all this time. I thought you were mine. You finally crossed the line. How can you expect? The one thing I can’t give. When I cannot forget, the pain I have to live. This relationship is a blur. I don’t know where to begin. You betrayed all that we were. Replaced our love with sin. Get your things and get out. Don’t waste my time. I refuse to deal with this. You finally crossed the line.
Symmetry 04:14
Symmetry 116 bpm Somehow I thought you’d change. But time can’t rearrange. All the damage you’ve done. There’s no escaping confrontation. I’ve come to this conclusion. You’re hiding behind an illusion. In a search for words, so self absorbed; in all your metaphors. Words designed to deceive. Tell me what to believe. The life you lead is fiction. As you hide behind your addictions. My need for you decreases. We're no longer corresponding pieces. Just fragments and debris. What once was perfect symmetry.
The Persistent Rhythm of Before 110 bpm A concept of desire. Will break my role in society. To disconnect from this mindless network. I’ll realize emotions. When the world tastes of nothing. You only know your alive by breathing. For once my heart’s beating. It’s more real than I’ll ever know. Feeling the knife, a window opens to life. In growing cold you whisper, will you hold me? Console me. Your eyes lock to mine. Feeling the knife, a window opens to life. It was worth everything and more. To uncover, the persistent rhythm of before. Two figures joined by hands. Remaining, forever in time. They can describe, pleasure. Unlike this shell I call mine. I knew we were alike, when you told me your name. I needed you to come, although I couldn’t explain. To a time, of loyalty and love. To discover reality, we’ll taste the earth.


North America’s specialists of Futurepop and Synthpop have returned after 4 years, with their long awaited 4th album “Paradigm Shift”.

Veteran members Breye 7x and Jen Kiser were joined in 2009 by Matt Willis of Splendor Projekt, and the result is a full on Emotional Electronic Assault.

Provision moves into new territory with Paradigm Shift, and fans will sense a darker edgier feel, than in previous Provision albums as a whole.

Paradigm Shift moves into Dark Futurepop and Edgy Synthpop territory with Industrial Dance undertones, as harder edged tracks round out the 10 songs featured on the 4th Full Length L.P. from Provision.

Fans will hear vocals by all 3 band members on this album, with Matt singing backing vocals; and Jen singing both Lead and Backing vocals. Paradigm Shift is the first Provision L.P. since their debut album "Evaporate" to feature vocals from other band members than just Breye.

Paradigm Shift sees Provision moving into a new era of the band, as Jen and Matt were involved in more than half of the writing of this album.

Paradigm Shift includes an 8 page booklet featuring lyrics, color photos, and production notes for 10 new tracks featuring vocals by all 3 band members.

Touching on subjects of seduction, control, longing, hope, misery, sloth, apathy, and reflection, Provision’s newest album explores the darkest side of Provision yet, while still remaining true to the Provision style of aggressive Darkpop / Synthpop built for the dance floor. It's darker, edgier, and relentless in it's assault.

Get it here digitally for Name Your Price / FREE or buy the physical C.D. and get the digital download, both for just $5.00!!

Your purchase includes the digital graphics for the Album Cover, Booklet Pages, Compact Disc, and Tray Card!!


released November 20, 2010

Paradigm Shift - Written, programmed, performed, and produced by Provision.

Album Concept and design by Provision @ Indigo Labs - Houston, Texas

All music and lyrics conceived at various times & places from 2000 to 2010 by Jen Kiser, Matt Willis, and Breye Kiser. All songs C. & P. - 2010 Provision Musik.

Recorded at Red Square Digital in
Houston, Texas from 9-25-10 to 10-15-10

Assistant Engineer - Carlos Covarrubias

Mix Consultant - Marq Mosier

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering - www.resonancemastering.com

Executive Producer - Alan Valcic for Kathodik Records


all rights reserved



Provision Houston, Texas

Drawing influence from acts such as Red Flag, Xymox, The Hunger, Ministry, and Camouflage;
Provision are North America’s progenitors of Darkpop - a genre term used to describe the band's unique style of Edgy Synthpop on a bed of Dark Wave, known as the Provision sound.

Provision is: Ian Sol & Breye Sevenex.
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