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The Consequence

by Provision

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Ideal 04:07
Ideal Blinded by an ideal. Dancing to the sound, of distant bombs. Those days were so unreal. I realized when I could not feel your heart, beating anymore. A divided line. The day you said you were mine. No cyanide. Nor bullet. Could ever separate us. This time.
Behind Your Disguise Does it seem all hope in us is, dying? Have you given up on love this time? Seldom receive the truth as they are, lying. Searching for facts they try to hide. Give me a sign. Don't leave me alone. Look into these eyes. I promise to move slow. Behind your disguise is a place called home. Behind your disguise. Selfish insecurities are, complicated. Confused about myself inside. Seems all I've achieved in life is, wasted. But for this I'll sacrifice my pride.
The Only Thing This may not sound easy. But I know it's right. To cause a separation, our desperation's alright. If we can grow on our own. While knowing we're bound to another, to discover. We can exist as one. If I had to describe. What it's become. Maybe I, could dream again. If I could get regret, out of my mind. If time would just rewind you'd see this love is. The only thing. Without words. To explain. You still remain. The only thing.
Defying Culture I face the red sky, with you by my side. We will defy, honor never dies. It's getting late, now the fleet is flying. In the underground, my heart beats near yours. We will, engrave our names in history. Until the day I found you. I was so lost. Now cemented in blood. This love will never be torn. With faith and honor, we are defying culture. Now cemented in blood. With us new life is born. They're building heroes again. You turn away from the truth. I'm left in the rain, with no way; to defend myself. It's getting late, now the day is dying. My cold heart, fills with a poison. With my last breath, the war comes to an end.
Attraction 05:52
Attraction Time forgets the beginning. Always blaming the eyes. Clouding the mind, intent on disguise. Saying love is blind. And truth is stranger than fiction. Bound by design. Now a slave to decision. It only takes a fraction, to notice. I’m no longer the focus. We’re losing attraction. With movements failing, trusting intuition. Instead of making decisions. To end this, Attraction. Desire consumes all control, within this instance. When lust feels like a gun to the head, I keep my distance. For how much longer, shall we remain? It’s becoming a game. Immune to resistance.
Someone Like You Giving into the loneliness, penetrated by chemicals. When words you speak are of no interest. Try to escape the reflection, this infection. Devoid of consciousness, and redemption. Tell me, what will you do? It won't be so easy. When there's nothing to hold onto. You can regret what you've done to me, but there's no sympathy. For someone like you. Your replacement was easier than healing. Yet there's no way, to calculate. The trauma in losing. An eternity of suffering. I took it head on. They'll see how far I've come.
The Consequence The ending always comes easy for girls like you. I've spent years on the floor. Feeling devastated. Wanting to settle the score. But I have nothing to hide, unlike the secrets you keep; in the bed that you sleep. And though I dream of revenge. You're just not worth it. The consequence. Is what you failed to, realize. Your existence. The memory. Vanished from my life. The consequence. Brings an end to, all the ties. How could you be so naïve? To believe. From consequence there's no defense. I stepped away from it all, took a look at myself. So far removed from the tide. I fear the lies in your voice, this offer isn't a choice; this heart's not interested. In being crushed like before. How will I tell my son? I might have been the one. But your knife, was meant for another boy.
Fade 05:04
Fade Will I ever lose this feeling? I might have let you down. I think of you constantly, even when you’re not around. You gave me something, to believe in. And for you. I’ll always follow through. As you grow older. To become the man you’ll be. The different sides of your life, will decide your beliefs. While letting you go is saddening. In watching the little boy fade, there’s memories to be made. Sometimes maybe I worry. Just a little more than I should. Thinking back on where I went wrong, I know I tried as hard as I could. The man you’ll be. Your beliefs.
Cruxified 04:06
Cruxified You’re understanding to visualize, there’s so many things to feel; to realize. Renowned in confusion of life, the twisted circle vortex of your mind. Then it all turns back now, and sands of time stand still. Turning back. And so you’ve lost the feeling of love, and you leave and you're gone. Cover me in. I thought I’d never cry, as I opened up my eyes. When you ran away from me. You cruxified your image in my heart. Eternally. In me. You’ll see! Endless days pass by in the shadows, doubt bitter loneliness. Please don’t cry. These dried on tears, they won’t fall anymore. Yet I feel this soreness in my mind, in these veins; in this blood like a war. So I’ve grown weak. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t think. This has gone to far, to return. Engrave your stain, I will not lie. Give me your pain, cry. You leave me cruxified.
Perversions of Conventional Warfare And somehow you thought this affair, was going to make sense. But you don’t know who you’re playing with. Knowing what it’s like to be on the inside, realizing the deception you hide. But if anything, I’m just along for the ride. Now we’ll see how you operate, when my guard is down. I think it’s ironic. Somehow your cheating’s erotic. You encounter a sense of possession, with a taste of sin in the air. You don’t seem to care, when the alcohol fuels your aggression. This is not what you think, so let’s have another drink. These are, Perversions of conventional warfare. We are. A love within reprimand, I can’t even understand. Your lies aren’t even believable. My existence denies these feelings, will disintegrate in meaning. We were not possible. Trying to remember everything. Begins to distort my thinking. Anything special means nothing to you. So we simply rely on a substance, then deny that we know responsibility. How we reached this level, is indescribable.
Trust 03:50
Trust Well I don’t know what to think, of the things I’ve been told. When it’s coming to you. You know that I’ve been sold. Well if you want me back, you have to pay your dues. You’re the one I never trusted, till I found your heart was true. Why? Now I feel, one less lie in my life. To touch you with the magic. Would that hold you through the night? Just turned and ran away. And now you’re leaving me. Well our dreams are gone, and so it seems you’ve thrown away our destiny. Why? Only in You. Trust. Only in You.
Everytime 05:33
Everytime I wonder if I’m losing you. In saving us I know. It may be too late. How can I say I miss you? When all our plans fall through. And we no longer, communicate. Everytime you leave. This room gets colder. Days grow longer. Every night I see. My own remains, in guilt and shame. You will forget me. Everytime. Everytime we’ve ever shared, is breaking down around us. Everytime. Until we’re nothing, more. My actions are concealed. In countless words I fail. It always comes out wrong. To others it seems obvious. The ending we avoid, because we’re not that strong.


In March 2006 Provision released their 3rd Official L.P.
featuring their signature hybrid of Edgy Synthpop, Futurepop, and Industrial Dance.

Pushing the boundaries even further with aggressive songs of lust, loss, karma, and regret; Provision hereby solidifies their own unique style.

This release presents a new mix of sounds and structures that comprise Provision’s most polished effort to date, in what can only be called "The Consequence”.

Get it here digitally for Name Your Price / FREE or buy the physical C.D. and get the digital download, both for just $5.00!!

Your purchase includes the digital graphics for the Album Cover, Booklet Pages, Compact Disc, and Tray Card!!


released March 11, 2006

The Consequence - Composed, Programmed, and Performed by Breye 7x & Jen Foxx.

Recorded and Engineered at Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas from 11/1/2005 to 12/31/2005

Produced by Provision.

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering


all rights reserved



Provision Houston, Texas

Drawing influence from acts such as Red Flag, Xymox, The Hunger, Ministry, and Camouflage;
Provision are North America’s progenitors of Darkpop - a genre term used to describe the band's unique style of Edgy Synthpop on a bed of Dark Wave, known as the Provision sound.

Provision is: Ian Sol & Breye Sevenex.
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