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Visualize (Limited Edition)

by Provision

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Could've Had It All In leaving me behind. You’ll realize. I never cheated, always believed it. Would last a lifetime. You were my everything. And without sympathy. You got what you wanted. When there’s nothing left inside. No emotion. Heartless and unkind. Like devastation. You sell your virtue. Bring this pain upon you. I never meant to fall. You could’ve had it all. You sell your virtue. Bring this shame upon you. Your backs against the wall. We could’ve had it all. Where are the values? There was no honesty. Respecting your decision. To destroy this family. Trying for months to repair, the uncertain damage. When I’d done nothing wrong, I know you planned this.
Obsession 05:36
Obsession I storm the dance floor to see your reaction. This desire in you, requires interaction. You need a fix tonight, my name is satisfaction. I’m never looking for love and attention. I think the girls in this scene are pretentious. You want to be like them. l think I’ll use you then. Trapped in your mind too much aggression. We were a fantasy, not a reality. Your sanity relies on depression. This is nothing more than obsession. I see your mindset. This is obsession. Listen, can you hear me now. I cannot even enter the club alone. That look upon your face, tells of something wrong. Eyes are turning against me, like I don’t belong. Guessing somehow the message didn’t get through. Commitments not what I want, I’m only using you. A decision to be free, you don’t even know me.
Untrue 05:42
Untrue You’re driving alone again, against time. With anticipation. To hold me close once more. Feeling the energy, of sexual frustration. Let’s take a ride through my mind, as victims of desperation. Time to forget your boundaries, I’ll push your limitations. I dream of a day I can give myself completely. Then so discreetly. I find I’m in, this bed of sin. With someone else. The reasons within me, can’t explain why. Still we must try, to understand. Life’s simple demands. I know you will not believe me, there's deceit in me. Are my words untrue? I’m too afraid to love you. I put no one above you. I’ve tried to apologize. This only comes down to us, when my words seem so untrue. Are my words untrue?
Obvious 04:49
Obvious Don’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore. I’m only wasting away, here in this bed all alone. I won’t give in to this emptyness invading my soul. And somehow deep inside, I doubt you’ll realize I’m gone. Regret seems endless now. The passion between us dies. What I once felt for you, there are no words to describe. You’re so oblivious, to my thoughts and feelings. When it comes to us, I’ve stopped believing. It’s obvious, when you hear me cry. Do you care at all? You make it obvious. I’m through with all the excuses. There’s no need to explain. Living without a conscience, you believe it’s a game. I’m sinking into regret, this pain you can’t rearrange. To feel resentment inside, is an assessment of blame. You say I’m the only one. You’ve made your choice again. I’ll spend the night alone, feeling nothing.
Each Second Suffering Searching the digital screen. Just a word to get you by. This night alone. Will the message come through again? You take another pill. This life is standing still. You don’t exist tonight. Tomorrow will be the same old thing. Calls on the phone, and stories of drinking all night. Consumed by one addiction. Each second suffering. You wait there by the door. Minutes pass you by. Each second suffering. You’re anticipating. No longer waiting. You walk into the room. To see it’s true. What has it done to you? You come into work a mess. Insomnia, entraps you countless times. The sun is blinding. Somehow you struggle through. With agony. You take another pill. Watching the clock count down. Signing on again with no response. You’ve given into the game.
Chemistry 04:49
Chemistry Another Wednesday comes around, the feeling of night time calling. The 7th night of August. On which your fate's unfolding. Now you're shadowed with eyes. You made the first move. Is this love in disguise? It's myself I have to prove. You're falling hard. (Hard) We just might take this too far. (Far) I want to take you over. It's me you want to discover. (Discover her) Descending into reality. (Heart) I can't explain this exposure. So come a little closer. (Closer) We can't ignore the Chemistry. We parted ways alone that night. Fueled by a cellular exchange. We shared a look between us. Emotions that couldn't be explained. I approached your store that day. Adrenaline running through my veins. With 2 red roses in my hand. Willing to give my heart away.
Visualize 05:19
Visualize I lived with the pain of deception, but emotions in me had to make things right. In searching for an answer. I found my destiny. And generated a whole new life. Guilty as charged, I am yours for the taking. Once we agreed to take things slow. We found ourselves, ignoring our own advice. With circumstances beyond our control. Visualize. Imagine what I’m feeling. At last we are revealing. My heart's no longer aching. Visualize. Love and understanding. Life is so demanding. All I need is patience.
Illusion 05:17
Illusion Realize the life that I can show you. Everything my heart has never shared. Blinded by innocence in your eyes. I’ll replace all fears you feel inside. So if you need to forget. Too many things you regret. Remember, This love is no Illusion. You’re all I’m waiting for. I lay my heart on the line. No matter what you decide. Remember, My love is no illusion. You’re all I’m living for. We can overcome this time we’ve lost. Nothing ever will come between this bond. Our precious moments locked in time. We’re leaving the past in us behind.
Neverending 04:41
Neverending Staring into one another’s eyes, we bleed into eternity. We know this is real, no giving into the fear. The only three words on our mind, are only spoken in silence. And now you’re feeling me inside of you. Your touch is sweeter than heaven. This total feeling of ecstasy. There’s no denying what you've done to me. Neverending. Love. Neverending. Promises. Neverending. Trust. Always remembering. Our love is neverending. All the perfect things I wanted in a lover, I have found in you. Resistance to the fact I’m falling further than I’ve ever been before, will only fade into oblivion. I’m overcome with sensuality. Hearing your voice on the line, wanting your lips against mine. A future with you in my life, holds countless possibilities.
Destiny 06:17
Destiny I'd give myself until the end of time. Because I believe in everything we can be. When you look into these eyes, you see inside of me. An eternity of love, we can only dream of. One chance to live. Before my heart begins to fade. One life to give. A sacrifice that will be made. One love will be. The one you cannot live without. Can’t you see? There is no doubt. You are my Destiny. You know it's fate, when there is no one else. Yet we question everything we know in life. How can I prove, I was meant for you. True love exists with compromise.
Intruder 03:48
Intruder This system collapses, the end is beautiful. No two collisions in line. Produce the exact same Visuals. Consequences decide, this processed determination. A decision to replace me. How could I have known? Our time, would end so fast. Even though I walk alone. I know the intruder. I cannot forgive you. I cannot forget. I know the intruder. A conflict inside, we need to understand. Inside I visualize, deception. The pain being inflicted around us. Emotional states of confusion, are useless. In the end. You know. I know.
Flood of Emotion Sinking to the level of so many before you, in a desperate plea for attention. Remember the words, I’ll never be the one to leave. Suspended in time, remaining truthfully. In a flood of emotion. You’ll see it. Like a tide to the ocean. Always, changing. In tears of sadness. Believing, deceiving. We’ll never know the difference. Time is rearranging. You can’t expect I’d believe. The tears, I see. They’re not for me. Conviction lies among the false pretension. When saving yourself becomes a fallacy. My only intention is to move on. I’ve now removed myself, from all your drama. You can’t expect I’d believe. Your words. Tonight. I know your lies.
Insecurity Another day passes by, without a chance to regain. You’re losing what I, would call an identity. Walking without a name. I’ve accepted the things I cannot control, regret won’t set me free. I cannot forgive you. For what you’ve done to me. Now I stand and face you, without compromise. Insecurity. You only see what you want to see. Insecurity. Coming apart at the seams, infected like a disease. Insecurity. There’s no self esteem, only broken dreams. Insecurity. Some things aren’t meant to be. Betrayal in you grows darker now, it runs deeper than this...ocean of tears. No explanation to me, could ever save your pride. Hiding behind a facade. As though you’ve done no wrong. I’ve suffered more than you can imagine. You could not sympathize. Now it’s my, pain you’ll recognize. You’re all alone with your Insecurity.
Replicate A hopeless chance of a thought, without reaction. Causing the pressure to expel our love collapsing. The truth is burning your nerves, with every stimulation. Feeling this separation. I’ll give you something to recognize. Extension of my design. Nothing left but a memory. Replicate me. My divine alteration, implants itself inside. Our senses turn to the future, keeping us in line. Our human minds, enforced to cause a reaction. No telling when this feeling will normalize. No message awakes me, there’s only dead lines. I live in deafening silence. I’m left with nothing here but a reflection.


In 2004 Provision signed to the worlds largest Synthpop record label - A Different Drum, and released their 2nd album Visualize.

Expanding on their signature sound, Visualize infuses Synthpop, Industrial Dance and Futurepop stylings, with an uptempo, emotional, progressive sound.

Visualize carries you through the darkness and into the light, with new eyes looking to the future. Told through a story of regret, jealousy, lust, selfishness, new beginnings, love, fate, apathy, and condemnation.

Provision became a shining light in the Synthpop underground while performing numerous live shows with energy and frequency in touring the United States in 2004 and 2005 to support Visualize.

This Limited Edition version of Visualize was a 2 C.D. featuring a Bonus Disc with 2 Extra Provision Tracks - Insecurity & Replicate.

Plus, 6 Exclusive Remixes from the bands - Cloudless, Rename, Glow, Fr/Action, Hajas, & Halovox.

The 2 C.D. release is out of print and only available digitally now unless you can find a copy on Discogs, Ebay, Amazon, etc...

We're offering both C.D.'s Digitally - That's 20 Tracks! 12 album tracks, 2 B-Sides, and 6 remixes for Name Your price / FREE!!

Your purchase includes the digital graphics for the Album Cover, 8 Page Booklet Outside and Inside Pages, Both Compact Discs, and the Tray Card!!


released September 3, 2004

Visualize - Composed and performed by Breye Kiser.

Recorded at Red Square Digital and Covision Creative Studios in Houston, Texas from November 2003 to April 2004.

Produced by Provision.

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering


all rights reserved



Provision Houston, Texas

Drawing influence from acts such as Red Flag, Xymox, The Hunger, Ministry, and Camouflage;
Provision are North America’s progenitors of Darkpop - a genre term used to describe the band's unique style of Edgy Synthpop on a bed of Dark Wave, known as the Provision sound.

Provision is: Ian Sol & Breye Sevenex.
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