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by Provision

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Devotion When I search my emotions. I see a devotion. This faith in me so blind. Why do I waste my time? And still I return again. To face the things that I can't change. You can't erase the stain, I will remain. Even through desperation. Devotion. I will not find what I'm searching for. What am I to believe? With this pain I receive. You ask of where I've been. Like I've committed a sin. Have I lost all of your faith in me? I doubt it matters by now. I only want Devotion!
Breathe 03:46
Breathe I’m now involved in all your wildest obsessions. My tears are drying, I see faith in your eyes. You’re giving in to all the fears of deception. We always push away the thoughts we despise. What is it though? Is It physical? Always sensual. Like a ritual. Is this all I’m left with? You’re the bed I sleep in. When you’re not here anymore. You’re the air I breathe in. Come take a chance and we’ll be gone in a second. Don’t bother crying now, cause I’ll never leave! Now you’re forgetting all the past recollections. Body and soul is what it takes to believe. What is it though? Is it sexual? Intellectual? Like a ritual.
In Love 03:35
In Love I will take this dance. I may seem if I'm tranced. This is not romance, anymore. Am I in love in you? I feel as if I'm one with the World. This is beyond all feeling. I feel no denial. Others have let me down. You make me smile.
My Only Question Is this another test I’ve failed? I only want to make things right. It’s you I’ve come to rely on. I’m more than just another shoulder to cry on. Yet I can feel us moving apart. The separation of another lonely night. Intertwined with memories of passion. Now what's the worst that can happen? What can I find inside me? How do I get within myself? To share these feelings that you cannot find with anybody else. How do you feel when I’m not there. What do I do to drag you down? My only question, do you care if I am here or not around? You’re so aware of the apparent love at hand. Yet your soul won’t seem to follow. We’re slipping through the hands of fate. Make up your mind before it’s too late. I’m on a quest in a search for answers. Perhaps the ones that now escape us. When will you look into my eyes. Or must I leave to make you realize?
Illusion Realize the life that I can show you. Everything my heart has never shared. Blinded by innocence in your eyes. I’ll replace all fears you feel inside. So if you need to forget. Too many things you regret. Remember, This love is no Illusion. You’re all I’m waiting for. I lay my heart on the line. No matter what you decide. Remember, My love is no illusion. You’re all I’m living for. We can overcome this time we’ve lost. Nothing ever will come between this bond. Our precious moments locked in time. We’re leaving the past in us behind.
Sacrifice 04:12
Sacrifice Born into a guilty life of sin. No way to separate the indifference. Put your heart in the hands of a lifeless soul. And your faith in what was only a dream. I'm all out of trust. My love was never enough. You took my, heart as a Sacrifice. My love was never enough. My love.
Memories 04:47
Memories Another restless night, am I the one who’s blind. Can I not see your realm of infidelity. No call upon the phone, no letter to be found. Your whereabouts tonight remain a mystery. My friends are telling lies, I’ve come to realize. Their sentiments will amount to nothing. I see it in your eyes, it comes as no surprise. Why should I question the end, it’s coming. I’m tired of being rejected, and crying. Till you come home. I shouldn’t feel this neglected, disrespected. When I’m all alone. There’s not a thing you can say to make me stay this time. So rely on the memories. You can cry on the memories. Please take a moment now, you have to hear me out. To understand these feelings inside my head. You have to comprehend, I’m living in your sin. With careless movements and no regrets. Everything you thought we shared, this love has gone nowhere. Don’t change the subject at hand with excuses. It’s time that we move on, no looking back this time. Our destiny as one becomes an execution.


"Devotion" was Provision's 2nd limited E.P. (100 copies) and was pressed to coincide with the Evaporate U.S. Tour in 2003.

Featuring a newly recorded alternate version of "Devotion" called (Eternal), and the Original Version of "Illusion" with backing vocals by Alex Virlios.

This E.P. sold more than 80 copies in less than 2 weeks while Provision was on the road.

Remaining copies went to online distributors like
A Different Drum and sold out with just over a week.

The Devotion E.P. remains one of Provision's most sought after releases.
Feel Free to check Ebay and Amazon on the internet for a physical copy.

Get it here digitally for Name Your Price / FREE!!

Your purchase includes the digital graphics for the Album Cover, Inside Cover, Compact Disc, and Tray Card!!


released May 7, 2003

All songs written by Breye Kiser, Leslie Hyman,
and Matt Coker. From 2001 to 2003.

Recorded and Produced at Red Square Digital
by Breye Kiser, Leslie Hyman, Matt Coker,
and Alex Virlios.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 Mastered by Red Flag at Der Galf Labs in San Diego, California.
Tracks 1, and 5 Mastered by Breye Kiser and Leslie Hyman at Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas.


all rights reserved



Provision Houston, Texas

Drawing influence from acts such as Red Flag, Xymox, The Hunger, Ministry, and Camouflage;
Provision are North America’s progenitors of Darkpop - a genre term used to describe the band's unique style of Edgy Synthpop on a bed of Dark Wave, known as the Provision sound.

Provision is: Ian Sol & Breye Sevenex.
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