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A New Revolution

by Provision

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RrJj Provision does pretty hard synthpop- they are a bit more aggressive than others, like B!Machine, but they have the right balance of emotion and rocking tracks that puts them in league with a band such as The Echoing Green- and that is a very good thing.
A New Revolution is both a continuation and departure from their last album 'Paradigm Shift;' lyrically they switch to more broad themes of revolution and politics but the music continues in the steps of previous work, just more refined. Favorite track: Innocence.
Unappreciated Scholars
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Unappreciated Scholars This is Provision's greatest work. I enjoy all their albums, but this one is the one that I've had in regular rotation since its release a few years back. The album as a whole is great from beginning to end. Favorite track: How It Ends.
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Innocence 05:02
Innocence 130bpm That cold familiar feel of rejection. A loss of innocence, and perfection. Something inside. Bringing me down. My deepest fear is what you’ve found. It is not our fault. The world is falling apart. Here before my eyes. The planet dies.
Deception 04:20
Deception 120 bpm Have I awaken in my own true identity? Could I be comatose no longer evolving. My disbelief in our survival is evident. Our own extinction is no longer irrelevant. Through undeniable pain. These times I cannot forgive. Losing their honor in vain. Trapped in a past to re-live. We’re falling into deception! How many men have to die? Fighting a war of the minds! They’re changing all our perceptions. You’re falling into deception! How many men have to die? Fighting a war of the minds! We’ve lost our sense of direction. Positions change with diplomatic immunity. Proving by now we’re only part of the problem. Some now would argue in their own disillusion. In offering a promise with a lasting resolution.
Skin 04:47
Skin 124 bpm Can you sense my eyes? They desperately follow. Your every move. So sensual. A universe filled with a void. And something you’ll enjoy. Like a new invention. Sexual tension. This room escapes me, time stands still. It feels like heaven. To touch your skin. Could this be sin? Smooth and wet. The taste of your lips. Melting upon my breath. The world. Collapses around us. It couldn't have found us. It never had a chance. Time stands still. It can’t be real. It feels like heaven. To touch your skin.
Tomorrow 04:14
Tomorrow 126 bpm Could have been the reason my heart stopped. Or maybe her betrayal caused this loss. Another senseless victim of lust. A provider of dreams you believed in for a second. And yet unwilling to fall, for the chance of acceptance. When paranoia breaks down your trust. Tell me now. Does it make you feel alive? Hold me now. How can this not be right? Like a whisper on the radio. We’ll slip into the shadows. Forget all your fears, cause I’ll be here tomorrow. Chained to all the fading hopes of yesterday. I'll walk upon the open roads. Until the sunshine follows Sunday. My eyes scan like surveillance, to find the bottom line. Until I see you again, it’s like the world is frozen in time.
Image of You 04:33
Image of You 124 bpm The softened radiance of her skin. Shines like an emanation. So disarrayed in fantasy. Immoral radiation. She seduced my thoughts. My process crumbled down. I see my sin as an element. It’s relevant. I drown. Light a candle for me tonight. My halo is faded. One image of you burns while you’re gone. Light a candle for me tonight. You’re isolated. One image of you burns while you’re gone. Hush your mouth, I’m unconcerned. With your incandescence. So desolate in sorcery. Determined and quiescent. Isolated from me. Will you relax here while I deaden? But still necromancy. Directs me with a vision. Remission, of the light. Tonight.
Divided 04:09
Divided 135 bpm When no one has the answers. Society drowns in fear. Manipulation by deciding factors. When a voice no longer matters. We have never been so divided. Divided. A face in the crowd remains. Signs of despair in shame. And still we turn our eyes. Cause we ourselves are helpless.
A New Revolution 130 bpm It was in the cold night. A decision was made, to stay behind. The collars of their coats turned up. We’re no longer blind. As the glow of the fires, warn of retribution. Watching over a modern institution. Marching in the darkness. Battle scarred commands. The fear surrounding us. A new revolution. Nothing left in the streets but destitution. One guard stayed behind. To secure the cause, of the revolution. No alarm! No alert! He will never feel this hurt. No boundaries for this man.
Metamorphosis 148 bpm This emptiness, has left me damaged and broken. I try to resist. But fate has finally spoken. There's a change we have to make. And a path that we must take. Now that our eyes are finally open. Consider this, another open door for us. A metamorphosis. Much more than this. What we become, depends on where we're going. Though you insist, that we have no way of knowing. It's a choice we have to make, and a chance that we must take. Now that our eyes are finally open.
So Little Time 116 bpm I feel I’m closing in. Becoming helpless here below. Confined within my skin. And hearing voices I don’t know. The young and twisted boy inside our windowsill is me. Consciously forgotten. I’m a conversation piece. Have we become so blind we can’t remember it? We fell for hope that nothing’s wrong. Regretting our indifference. We’re caught in the open winds of the world. I find our lives are grey, with so many things to say. And so little time. A void in space. An empty face. In the fear of existence. A voice to resound, in the clouds of resistance. What can you say in our defense? I feel that now we’re victims, of ourselves. And no one can be responsible. Because of the views set forth. They remember.
How It Ends 04:28
How It Ends 118 bpm And now it's time to say goodbye. We'll share another kiss. Although I've cried a thousand times. I've never cried like this. And now were talking in sequence. As I call to you, across the distance. Before you fade away. And so it all begins. Every hour we spend. Every time we dream like this. This is how it ends. As we slowly drift away. I can feel what your eyes convey. Your uncertain smile, telling me to stay. A familiar scenario. Coming through in stereo. Like a light, through every window.


On 10-11-12, North America’s specialists of Darkpop released their 5th Full Length L.P. titled “A New Revolution” on Kathodik Records.

Provision frontman Breye 7x coined the term “Darkpop” in 2012' to describe Provision’s unique style of Synthpop with tinges of Dark Wave woven through Industrial Dance; while crafting Dark Pulses that can only be described as The Provision Sound.

A New Revolution marks a return to Provision’s signature style of Edgy Synthpop and Industrial Dance, which they pioneered on their Debut Album “Evaporate”, along with a ton of new sounds; and a nod to minimalism.

For the first time ever, fans will hear subjects of Social and Political content; intertwined with songs that long for change, uprising, identity, faith, promise, and closure.

This release is the 2nd Provision album to have been written, recorded, and produced by the same writing team for 2 consecutive albums by the band of Jen 'Skully' Kiser, Matt 'Maddy' WIllis, and Breye '7x' Kiser which is known as the "Triad Era" of the band.

With "A New Revolution", Provision has crafted an album that is as Dark and Edgy, as it is Synthpop. It's everything you would expect from the band, while moving forward and pushing boundaries as always!! This is Darkpop!

A New Revolution is "Signature Provision" through and through.

Longtime fans, as well as newer fans who only recently discovered Provision with their 4th album "Paradigm Shift"; will find this release to be as Classic as it is New. The name simply says it all.

The wait is over. The Revolution is Here!!!

Get it here digitally for Name Your Price / FREE or buy the physical C.D. and get the digital download, both for just $5.00!!

Your purchase includes the digital graphics for the Album Cover, Booklet Pages, Compact Disc, and Tray Card!!


released October 11, 2012

A New Revolution - Written, programmed, performed, and produced by Provision. Album concept and design by Provision
@ Red Square Digital - Houston, Texas.

All music and lyrics conceived at various times & places from
2011 to 2012 by Jen Kiser, Matt Willis, and Breye Kiser.
Except "Innocence" written by Breye Kiser & Leslie Hyman
in 1999, and reworked by Breye Kiser in 2011.

All songs C & P 2012 Provision Musik.
Recorded at Red Square Digital in Houston, Texas
from 4-30-12 to 8-12-12.
Engineered and Mixed by - Breye Kiser, Jen Kiser, and Matt Willis.
Mastered by Dan Guenther at Morbid Mastering. www.morbidmastering.com
Executive Producer - Alan Valcic for Kathodik Records.


all rights reserved



Provision Houston, Texas

Drawing influence from acts such as Red Flag, Xymox, The Hunger, Ministry, and Camouflage;
Provision are North America’s progenitors of Darkpop - a genre term used to describe the band's unique style of Edgy Synthpop on a bed of Dark Wave, known as the Provision sound.

Provision is: Ian Sol & Breye Sevenex.
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