Each Second Suffering

from by Provision



Over the years I've been asked many times if this song is about drinking, or drugs, or infidelity.

The answer is yes and no.

It is also rumoured that I wrote this song about a couple I knew, and their odd relationship; but it was actually written about a friend of mine who lost the woman he loved... to cancer.

The "pills" were speed to keep him awake. His "one addiction" was the girl he loved. The chorus is him sitting in her hospital room, knowing that death would eventually come to take her from him forever.

"Giving into the game" is the realization of our own mortality. The gamble we take everyday in life. We are here to exist with no guarantees, and it can end at any time.

In watching my friend's pain and struggle, I knew that no amount of words or sympathy could console him. In my frustration, I wrote this song as seen through his eyes if I were him; as he lost everything he loved in the world.

I have never told him that I wrote this song for him and I honestly don't know if he ever realized or not. But just know that I love you Brandon.

This song is always very powerful when we perform it live, and I truly love singing it on stage. I used to tell DJ Introvert that this was my sleeper hit, because I still believe to this day that it should have been a single.

A video for Each Second Suffering will appear on our upcoming DVD titled Visionary.

Breye K. / Provision


Each Second Suffering

Searching the digital screen.
Just a word to get you by.
This night alone.
Will the message come through again?
You take another pill. This life is standing still.
You don’t exist tonight.
Tomorrow will be the same old thing.
Calls on the phone, and stories of drinking all night.
Consumed by one addiction.

Each second suffering. You wait there by the door.
Minutes pass you by. Each second suffering.
You’re anticipating. No longer waiting.
You walk into the room. To see it’s true.
What has it done to you?

You come into work a mess.
Insomnia, entraps you countless times.
The sun is blinding.
Somehow you struggle through. With agony.
You take another pill.
Watching the clock count down.
Signing on again with no response.
You’ve given into the game.


from Visualize (Limited Edition), released September 3, 2004
Musik & Lyrics 6-13-03
By: Breye Kiser for Provision Musik

Recorded and Produced at Red Square Digital
by Breye Kiser
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.



all rights reserved


Provision Houston, Texas

Provision is an Electronic Duo, from Houston, Texas.

In drawing comparisons to Code 64, Red Flag, Seabound, Camouflage, Imperative Reaction, Anything Box, Information Society, & New Order, just to name a few; Breye 7x began using the term “Darkpop” to describe Provision’s unique style of Edgy Synthpop, Futurepop, Synthwave, and Electronic Dance.

Provision is Breye ‘7x’ Kiser & Ian Sol Kiser.
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