The very last song to be written and recorded for Visualize, It is the 3rd song I wrote for my son Bastian.

The verses describe what I was feeling as I was betrayed, and fought to keep my marriage alive against the Intruder. The chorus asks
"How could I have known? Our time, would end so fast." which is directed to my son. The Intruder is an actual person, a wannabe photographer who stole my wife from me; and destroyed my family.

I blamed the Intruder for what happened and kept the hatred in my heart for a long time, before realizing that he was not the only one to blame.

We shot a music video for this song aboard the Battleship Texas, which is available on You Tube.

Intruder has always been popular with the fans.

It has been a re-occurring staple in our live sets since it's release in September of 2004, and was performed live in every single performance of the Visualize U.S. Tour in 2004 and 2005.

Breye K. / Provision



This system collapses, the end is beautiful.
No two collisions in line.
Produce the exact same Visuals.
Consequences decide, this processed determination.
A decision to replace me.

How could I have known?
Our time, would end so fast.
Even though I walk alone. I know the intruder.
I cannot forgive you. I cannot forget.
I know the intruder.

A conflict inside, we need to understand.
Inside I visualize, deception.
The pain being inflicted around us.
Emotional states of confusion, are useless.

In the end. You know. I know.


from Visualize (Limited Edition), released September 3, 2004
Musik & Lyrics 6-10-04 *For Bastian*
By: Breye Kiser for Provision Musik

Recorded and Produced at Red Square Digital
by Breye Kiser
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.



all rights reserved


Provision Houston, Texas

Provision is an Electronic Duo, from Houston, Texas.

In drawing comparisons to Code 64, Red Flag, Seabound, Camouflage, Imperative Reaction, Anything Box, Information Society, & New Order, just to name a few; Breye 7x began using the term “Darkpop” to describe Provision’s unique style of Edgy Synthpop, Futurepop, Synthwave, and Electronic Dance.

Provision is Breye ‘7x’ Kiser & Ian Sol Kiser.
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